The Beauty of Cotton

Does it seem that cotton garments have been popular forever? That’s because the production of spun cotton goes back some 4,000 years, with use in clothing beginning in the first century in Spain and Italy. Much later, around the early 1600s, cotton was introduced to England and eventually made its way to America. Being a natural product, cotton has a reputation for being simple and basic. The reality is that cotton in clothing has evolved into a highly sophisticated fabric, thanks to surface treatments and fabric engineering techniques that make cotton shine, stretch, twist and perform incredible feats of endurance, comfort and wearability. Still, the real challenge remains — maintaining the appearance of cotton. It is a fabric notorious for wrinkles that won’t go away easily.

Professional finishing is to this day the one truly effective means for making a laundered cotton shirt look great. If you have ever tried ironing a cotton shirt at home you know it’s a job well beyond the capability of the home iron and ironing board. Our professional finishing systems work very differently, reaching all areas of the shirt at one time, applying steam, starch, heat and pressure to remove wrinkles and leave impressively smooth, crisp surfaces in their place. Cotton is indeed a fabric that deserves, and receives, much respect, especially when professionally cleaned and finished.