Dress Shirts


Professional Laundry and Finishing

At Apadana Cleaners, we understand the importance of keeping your dress shirts looking smart. Be it an important meeting, job interview or social event, having a clean, flawlessly pressed shirt is imperative to making a good impression. We provide top quality hand-done shirts. It all begins with a thorough inspection, followed by a hand treatment of stains, then washing, ironing, and one final inspection before it arrives to you.

We use only the highest quality proven wash formulas. Skilled technicians from our chemical suppliers monitor our automatic pump systems to insure the best results possible.

But that’s only part of producing consistently above average laundered shirts and linens. It takes employees taking real pride in the finished product. Here at Tiffany Cleaners’s our trained staff work very hard to insure that your dress shirts and table linens are as stain free and well pressed as possible.

Suites & Ties

Poor cleaning and pressing methods can destroy your suit. At Apadana Cleaners, your suit cleaning needs are given the utmost care and attention. Fragile or irreplaceable buttons are removed prior to cleaning and hand-sewn back on afterwards. Your suit is then hand-steamed to make it look like new. Apadana Cleaners delicate cleaning process prevents wear and tear while extending the longevity of your best suits.

Professionals should always handle the cleaning of silk ties; otherwise, one mistake could ruin your precious tie. Improper cleaning methods used by ordinary dry cleaners can change the look and feel of this valuable accessory. Let Apadana Cleaners handle your tie cleaning needs. Whether the culprit is spilled wine from a celebratory dinner or from an everyday messy routine, Apadana Cleaners will ensure your ties are spotlessly restored.

Our Guarantee:


Our professional shirt laundering gives you whiter whites and bolder colors. Loose buttons or missing buttons are  reattached or replaced as a routine part of our service. Our goal is to do it right the first time and every time.

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We offer a wide variety of dry cleaning and laundry services to fit the individual needs of our clients.