Help Your Draperies Hang In There.

Many people forget how important it is to clean draperies and other window treatments regularly. It’s only natural. Draperies, even the elaborate, fitted, pleated creations that require a major investment, are expected to blend in and complement their surroundings. But in reality, draperies do much more than that. Especially in homes with forced-air heating, cooling and ventilation, draperies can actually perform as giant, secondary air filters, trapping air-born dust, dust mites, dander, cooking vapors, soils and much more.

So what can you do to help? Vacuuming draperies at least weekly will help keep the buildup of soils to a minimum. In addition, periodic professional cleaning is recommended at least every 3 years. Draperies and other window treatments, properly cleaned and finished, will ensure your home looks its best, with all the color and crispness you originally envisioned.