Fine Linens

Give Fine Linens Immediate Attention for Stains

Clean, crisp table linens bring an elegant touch to any occasion. Unfortunately, keeping them clean isn’t always possible. The threats are many — gravy, sauces, wine, coffee, chocolate, blueberry pie filling, tinted icings, and more, many requiring their own stain removal approach. The knowledge and experience we provide is invaluable, and immediate action — not waiting to send your linens out for cleaning — is highly recommended.

Stains will “set” within a week and sometimes sooner, after which complete removal becomes very difficult. Proper “blotting” of a fresh stain can sometimes be effective. Use either a clean white towel or white (no printed design) paper towels. Blot using one towel under the stain and one above. Do this until nothing more is transferred to the towels. Do not rub, as this can easily damaged the surface of fine linen. Oil- or fat-based stains such as gravy, butter, salad dressings and sauces should then be left alone. Water-based stains from drinks such as wine, beer and fruit juice and food such as cranberry sauce can then be diluted with water and blotted again to remove as much of the stain as possible.

While these measures can’t guarantee complete success in removing a stain, they can help to lessen its long-term effect on your linens. In all cases, it is important to have stained linens professionally cleaned as soon as possible and, for best results, within a week. Then you’ll be sure to have a fresh set of linens, clean and folded, waiting for your next occasion.