Pick-up & Delivery

When We Pick Up, You Pick Up More Time.

For no additional cost whatsoever, we will pick up the clothes you leave out for us, and deliver them back to your door, fresh, clean, finished and bagged. It’s like having our customer counter on your doorstep. Our Pick-Up and Delivery service saves you time, gas, dollars and the stress of packing one more errand into your day. It organizes your drycleaning needs into an efficient routine, so you won’t put it off until the last minute. We schedule a pick-up and drop-off for the same day each week. Never again will you have to shuffle out to your car with an armload of clothes with kids in tow. Never again will you pick up your clean clothes, put them in your trunk and forget about them for days. And with our free Pick-Up & Delivery service, you will pay less for your drycleaning simply because of the travel time and expenses you save throughout the year.

If the pace of life tells you something’s got to give — give up those trips to the drycleaner. Stop the run around. Go with our Free Pick-Up and Delivery service.