Store Winter Garments Safely Away.

Spring means the return of long awaited warmer weather, leaves on the trees, and 4-hour little league baseball games. Of course spring is also when the human species sheds its cumbersome outer shell — overcoats, sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets and the like. But don’t make the mistake so many people do — just sticking your winter coats in a closet all spring, summer and fall, or jamming your sweaters into a drawer. You will pay the price for this behavior, common as it is, in the form of visible, often irreparable, insect damage — that is, holes in your clothes. So the first thing you need to do is have your winter wear cleaned. Why? Because soil, food stains, perspiration and moisture that remain in your garments attract moths, silverfish and other insects — like a good restaurant attracts people. Insects are looking for a place to eat and relax. Cleaning your winter garments before putting them away removes the attraction, minimizing the risk of infestation.

Once garments are clean, proceed with proper storage.

This means three things:

1) never sealing them up in plastic — this only promotes condensation and heat which is attractive to insects,

2) covering them properly, and

3) placing them in the right environment. If space is a problem at your house, check with us about storage services. If storing them at home, here’s what to do. First, hang coats on a good wooden hanger, covering them with a breathable cloth sheet or paper “cape.” Be sure to hang them in a closet with adequate ventilation (never in hot, humid attic spaces or damp basement areas). Cleaned sweaters are ideally wrapped in acid-free tissue and placed in a drawer. Added protection against insects can be gained by using cedar blocks inside drawers or on closet shelves. Properly cleaned and stored, your winter garments will be fresh and “hole-free” next Fall when you need them.