Suit Care

For You to Look Your Best, So Must Your Suit.

Not All Soil is Visible: Under normal conditions, we recommend cleaning a suit after every 4th wearing. “But it’s not even dirty,” you say. The reality is that suits (all garments) collect soil, dirt and perspiration constantly, even in clean environments like an office. So even though the “dirt” may not be visible to you the effect is has on your suit’s appearance is significant.

Remove the Suit Coat: Sitting for long periods of time in one’s suit coat is generally not advised. The back of the coat tends to get wrinkled and worn. Best to remove the coat where acceptable.

Hang With Care: It is important to store suits properly by hanging them, together, on a good wooden hanger. This helps maintain the coat’s shape and creases in the pants. It is also best to wait a day or more before wearing a suit again. Giving the fabric time to rest between wearing contributes to longer suit life.

These tips can make a difference you, and others, will notice. If you have any other questions about suit care, be sure to ask us. We are always happy to help.